• CW Touch Key/er

This will be going end of life soon 5 kits remaining!
CW Touch Keyer using open source software

Built-in ISP for uploading your own!
Using the JackYack open source keyer code.
True 2x single channel capacitive touch sensor's

Attiny85 will be programmed.

The board measures 1.84"L x .84"W and can be added to any rig or placed in a case (not included at this time).

Can be powered from 8-13.8vdc
Sleep mode battery saver (automatic after 60 secs)
Pitch adjustment
Reset function
Speed adjust
Tune mode (20 secs)
Iambic A/B
Dah priority mode
Paddle Swap
Sidetone on/off
TX on/off for practice mode
Farnsworth space
TX flip for changing rig keying high/low
WPM query
4 x 100 char message memory
Beacon mode
Callsign Training mode
With room for many more user added options!

Hardware included:

Case Mount mono Jack

Push Button Red
9v Battery Terminal
Buzzer w/leads

All files are available in "My Account-My Orders-Downloads" If for any reason you can not get the files let us know and we will e-mail them.
Assembled kits will not have the paddles or hardware installed if you choose this option.

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CW Touch Key/er

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